Logitech GPW Superlight vs Glorious Model O Wireless (MOW) : A Comparison


While 2019 saw the top of the line battle between flagship wireless products between Logitech and Razer, 2020 sees new entrants vying for the Wireless title. Logitech has brought out the GPW Superlight, which is a reduced weight and revised design of its ever-popular GPW. Meanwhile, Glorious has upgraded its Model O shape with its proprietary BAMF sensor and wireless tech. Here’s how they stack up.

Logitech G Pro Wireless X Superlight Dimensions

125 x 63.5 x 40mm
Glorious Model O Wireless Dimensions
129 x 67 x 38mm

Let’s start with the Shape. In broad terms, the GPW has a safer shape that’s good for medium hands and can be easily used with any grip style (finger, claw or palm grip). I’d say it’s best for claw or palm grip. The Glorious Model O on the other band excels in fingertip grip for medium to large hand users. It’s got a really flat design so it won’t feel as good for palm grip and it really is intended to fingertip or claw grip. In basic terms, the Glorious Model O Wireless is longer, shorter and wider than the GPW.


If you want the lightest possible wireless experience the Superlight is 6 grams lighter than the Glorious MOW at just 63g vs 69g.


The Logitech G Pro Wireless and Glorious MOW have a very similar feature set. Both feature top of the line sensors and a removable cable that can be used to charge and play with. One benefit of the Glorious Model O Wireless is that the cable is a paracord-like Glorious Ascended cable and plugs in through USB-C instead of the micro-USB connector we see on the Logitech model. Stated battery life on the GOW should be higher at 71 estimated hours of use vs the Logitech GPW Superlight. But if you compare the two with RGB off on the GOW I think the results should be very similar in real world use.

Both have PTFE feet, but the ones on the GPW Superlight have a much larger surface area to play with. One feature that is missing on the GPW Superlight is the inclusion of any sort of the RGB lighting so that is something that can differentiate the two models.

The GPW Superlight does come with more extras with the inclusion of optional grip tape for the mouse.


Glorious uses the familiar 20M Omrons on its Model O Wireless model, while Logitech has gone with the same 20M Omrons on the GPW Superlight. The clicks aren’t really a major difference between the two. In terms of side buttons the GPW has slightly larger side buttons than on the GPW.

Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel on the MOW is the same design as found on previous Glorious mice. The one on the Superlight will be familiar to GPW users but should feel even lighter than before. Apparently it’s less tensioned than previous models and it should actuate with light force.


Glorious wins the value battle, coming in at almost half the price of the GPW superlight at just $79.99USD. Keep in mind however that is a bit misleading as you’ll have to include the cost of shipping which can tack on anywhere from $10-20 to the price.

That being said it is a much better value than the premium priced Logitech GPW Superlight.


While its hard to say there is a definitive winner here, it really comes down to your budget and shape preference. Neither shape is for everyone but the GPW Superlight does perhaps fit more users with more support for palm and claw grip with a larger hump. I think in the meantime you can try the regular GPW shape out before deciding if upgrading to the GPW Superlight is in your best interest. If you already tried the Glorious Model O in its corded version and did not like the shape, its probably in your best interests to wait for the other Glorious shapes to drop in wireless form.

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