HyperX Pulsefire Haste First Impressions – Great features, awesome clicks

I just got my HyperX Pulsefire Haste in today and wanted to share some initial impressions, thanks to HyperX for sending it out to me for review. To be honest when I first heard the announcement for the Haste I wasn’t immediately drawn to the design. I’m happy to report that it looks and feels better in person than online.


Length: 124.2mm
Height: 38.2mm
Width: 66.8mm
Cable length: 1.8m

Weight – 59g

Build Quality – Really impressive for a mouse this light, I had no creaking rattle or side or bottom flex. Everything is very stable and the weight is balanced. Coating feels very similar to PBT plastic and will be familiar to anyone who has used the Viper Mini. That being said these the Haste feels a bit grippier thanks to the honeycomb design, its also a plus for me that there are no holes on the side.

Shape and Coating – The shape is quite safe with a middle hump that feels supportive enough for claw and palm grip. I think medium handed users can grip this any way including fingertip comfortably.

Clicks – TTC Micro Golden switches feel really good on this. So refreshing to see something other than Omrons and the implementation of these switches is great, barely any pre or post travel. They are very crispy and on the louder side but feel very satisfying and have enough tactility with each click. Some of my favorite clicks since the UL2.

Cable – It’s thin light and flexible, definitely good enough that you won’t be forced to paracord. One of my favorite stock cables outside the XM1. I did have to straighten it out a bit after the way it had been packed in the box.

Sensor – Had no issues with the Pixart 3335 Sensor, LOD was lower than the default on the Viper Mini. Felt snappy and responsive.

Skates – 100% PTFE, great glide on the faster side , well rounded and consistent glide.

Extras – mouse feet and grips, have not tried these yet but for the price its great that its included.

After trying out so many honeycomb mice, this seems to have some of the best build quality and clicks of the bunch. I’ll be back with a full review after I get more of a chance to play with it this week. I wrote recently about how QC was an issue that all brands need to address, and I’m glad HyperX came correct in this regard.

Available at HyperX