Rama Works Kara Keyboard Release and Pre-Order Dates


Rama has been teasing the Kara keyboard for some time and now they’re finally ready to go ahead with pre-orders. Clear boards have been a major theme through 2020 with lots of brands making their variation. That being said the Kara is one of the best looking to date with lots of colors to choose from.

KARA, is a 60% keyboard design with the familiar HHKB layout. The board hasĀ  MUTE mounting technology and is an accessible design derived from the M60-A. Injection moulded in high quality ABS, KARA embodies a retro-modern aesthetic.

The KARA PCB features a hotswap PCB that requires no soldering to construct with any Cherry MX-compatible switches. KARA offers a USB-C connection attached to the USB Extension PCB. There will be additional PCBs also available for individual sale. The board includes per-switch RGB LEDs surface-mounted under the PCB, which require no installation.

The colors available areĀ  ICED / MOON / NOCT / SOYA / AZUR / HAZE. Check out the teaser video below from Rama for a better look at the design. At a retail price of $160USD this is the most accessible product from Rama to date. Keep in mind that this is just a pre-order and the finished product will not ship until Q1 2021 at the very earliest.

Get it over at the Rama webstore.