Hotline Games Mouse Bungee Review a Budget Alternative to the Zowie Camade

When I was shopping for a mouse bungee I had trouble finding the Zowie Camade in-stock and kind of stumbled on the Hotline Games Mouse Bungee by accident. Another benefit was that it came in white which perfectly matched my setup and it also was priced much lower than the Camade. It’s almost a one to one clone of the original Zowie Camade, here are the measurements below

  • 120 (Highest) / 97 (Lowest) / x 96 x 70

The tension is reliable and the height is adjustable. The weight and rubber stoppers help keep the bungee in place but if you pull really hard on your mouse without enough slack it’ll still move the base of bungee. While the Zowie Camade II may be a slightler better bungee, the Hotline games one is more than serviceable and almost half the price.

Get it over at Amazon.