G-Wolves HSK 39g Fingertip Mouse Preview – One of the Lightest Mice Ever?

G-Wolves first teased their next mouse through a cryptic twitter post that seemed a bit hyperbolic, stating it’ll make aiming easier than breathing. Well now we’ve finally seen a leaked image of the mouse via X-raypad which reveals a really short wide design. There’s no side buttons visible but we see a honeycomb design with a scroll wheel. Some commenters have stated it’s similar to the MK1, but it does seem a little less of stretch to use given the inclusion of the scroll wheel and slightly heavier weight at 39g instead of 23g. I’m excited to see more about the developments down the road with this design and hopefully we’ll get a release before the end of 2020.

In the meanwhile, check out iTaktech for a selection of current G-Wolves mice.