Q4 2020 Gaming Mice Release Schedule Roundup – Where to Buy

With so many releases coming just around the corner, it’s incredibly difficult to keep track of all the hyped up mice releasing in short succession. Here are some of the most anticipated products that are launching later this year.

Logitech Limited Edition G Pro Wireless ‘OP’ Yellow

Release Date – Oct 8, 9AM PT

Where to buy – Logitech Canada, Logitech USA, Logitech UK

Vaxee Zygen NP-01

Release Date – Oct 2020

Pre-orders are sold out, but units will ship by October 15.

Where to buy – Vaxee EU, Vaxee NA

Glorious Model O Wireless

Release Date – Nov 2020 (Ship date, pre-orders have sold out)

Where to buy – Glorious

Ducky Feather

Release Date – Oct 20, 2020

Where to Buy – Ducky, Mechanical Keyboards

Cooler Master MM720

Release Date – Oct 27, 2020

Amazon USA

Roccat Burst Pro

Release Date – Nov 10, 2020

Where to buy – Best Buy, Amazon USA, Amazon UK

Roccat Bust Core

Release Date – Nov 30, 2020

Where to buy – Roccat, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Max Gaming

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Ultralight(Superlight)

Release Date – unknown

Where to buy : Logitech, Amazon


Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless

Release Date – Nov 3, 2020

Where to buy:  Steelseries

HK Gaming Naos-MImage

Release Date – October 10, 2020

Where to Buy: Amazon

G-Wolves HSK 37g Mouse

Release Date – Unknown

Where to Buy – Amazon

Pwnage Custom Symmetrical

Release Date – Unknown

Where to Buy – Pwnage

Dreammachines DM6 Holey Duo

Release Date – Early Nov

Where to buy – Pre-Orders up at Dream Machines

Deltaco Gaming WM90 Wireless Gaming Mouse White (Microsoft Intellimouse Clone)

Release Date – Nov 12, 2020

Where to Buy – Max Gaming

Xenics Titan G Air Wireless Gaming Mouse 

Where to Buy – eBay

Alt F4 Ultralight Mouse

Release Date – Available Now

Where to Buy – Alt Customs Website

HK Gaming Sirius M

Release Date – Unknown

Where to Buy – Amazon

HyperX Pulsefire Haste

Release Date – Now

Where to Buy – Hyperx

Xtrfy M42

Release Date – Dec 2020

Where to Buy – Xtrfy

Ninjutso Origin One X Wireless Ultralight

Release Date – Unknown

Where to buy – Ninjutso