Glorious Model D Review

Glorious entered the mouse market in a big way in 2019 with their first two mouse designs. The Model O and O- were some of the best selling enthusiast mice for good reason, they featured a lightweight design a very accessible price point. Glorious has taken what they learned on those models and translated that expertise into a mid-sized ergo mouse.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 

131 mm x 60mm x 42 mm


68 g


Packaging and Presentation

The Glorious Model D comes nicely packaged in a premium feeling box. Anyone who’s purchased the Model O will be familiar with the hefty glossy box and included extra (stickers, feet, and documentation). Certainly the mouse punches above it’s weight in terms of the unboxing experience.

Design and Shape

The first impression I had removing the mouse from the box was mostly positive. The shape feels instantly familiar in hand, owning it’s shape to the lineage Zowie EC1/2 series. The coating in particular stood out as it had a grippy matte texture that seems slightly improved from the original Model O. This mouse is easy to get a good grip on and really fills out my hand for a traditional palm grip.

The side buttons are quite large and in a nice easy to reach location. The mouse is quite high all things considered and definetly has a large profile. It should fit medium to large sized palm grippers the best. The perforations are only on the top of the mouse and that’s a plus for anyone who prefers the side of the mouse to be solid. Design flares on the mouse include the RGB Leds and bearded man branding on the side.

Build Quality

The build quality felt really solid throughout and I didn’t have many complaints in how the mouse felt. The feet are quite smooth and not scratchy right out the box. The RGB looks great and is even better than on the Model O. The only things that give slight pause to me are the slight rattle of the mousewheel. It also felt like it could move a bit laterally, so it it did have some give going left or right. Also worth mentioning is that if you squeeze hard on the mouse, you’ll definetly experience some level of flex.

Sensor and Skates

The mouse feet on this mouse are Glorious version of a Hyperglide or what they call G-Skates. They are made from pure white PTFE and feel pretty good out of the box. They were a bit scratchy at first but after a day of use they broke in and now feel really quick and responsive. They also are a decent thickness which means they shouldn’t wear down too and are in fact better than the ones on the Model O/O-. The Glorious Model D uses the Pixart 3360 sensor which is the de-facto standard these days. No concerns about the sensor it tracks beautifully for both flicks and holding tight angles. I didn’t try out the optional software but the mouse was really efficient right out the box and should be plug and play ready for most gamers.

Buttons and Scroll Wheel

The Glorious Model D uses Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks and those give the mouse a great snappy feel. M1 and M2 have little pre or post travel and feel satisfying and tactile to click. There is a very limited play but it is still within a tolerable range in my opinion. I also liked the comfort grooves that are really subtle but offer you a comfortable place to rest your fingers while you’re not clicking in. The scroll wheel has a nice rubberized texture. The scroll wheel uses a brown core F-Switch encode which translate to a very tactile , light scrolling. The notches are very well separated which means you won’t often miss scroll. The middle button clicks in with a moderate amount of force and feels quite good when you actuate. There’s also a standard DPI switch button which luckily is very small so you won’t likely hit it by accident.

Performance and Software

The Model D performs just as you expect. It works really well out the box but if you require further customization there is the optional software that you can use to create macros and adjust the lighting as well as tune the LOD and Polling rate. If you’re worried about the Model D being easy for plug and play, don’t be because it works quite easily right out the box.

As for performance where it matters the most , the Model D feels quite snappy and smooth right out the box. The shape is not optimal for me personally as I prefer ambi mice, but it definitely offers a lot of stability when it comes to both flick and tracking aim. If you have a larger hand , want something lightweight and don’t mind palm grip, I think you’re in the demographic that this mouse targets.


The Glorious Model D delivers what we’ve come to expect from the brand’s mice, a reliable shape, good build quality and excellent value. The shape here isn’t for everyone but it’ll work for those with larger hands who love ergo mice.


  • Excellent stock skates
  • One of the lightest ergo on the market
  • Ascended cord offers tons of speed and flexibility


  • Slight flex in the bottle and rattle in the mousewheel
  • Side buttons are a bit mushy
  • Additional optional mousefeet aren’t flush with the design.

Bottom Line & Rating

The Glorious Model D is another additional in their lineup that offers great value for large handed ergo users. Not a perfect mouse but it ticks all the boxes for a lot of gamers.

Rating 8.5/10

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