G-Wolves Skoll Review, the lightest Ergo

It seems like while the first half of the year saw a flood of ambi mice come onto the market, the latest trend has been for companies to release their take on a lightweight ambi mouse. G-Wolves has brought a solid contender in this category with the Skoll, a medium to large sized gaming mouse that comes in at an incredibly light 66grams. For those looking for an Ergo that is light, responsive with solid features, the Skoll is certainly worth considering.


L x W x H

124mm (4.90in) x 60mm(2.36in) in x 42.3mm (1.66 in)


66g *with cable

Packaging and Presentation

G-Wolves has quickly become notable for how much value they included in the package. While I did not get as many extras as with my copy of the Hati, the G-Wolves package still came with the collectible tin box and extra mouse feet. Certainly it makes for a more fun unboxing experience than other mouse brands.

Design and Shape

The Skoll uses a familiar honeycomb design in order to shave down the weight to a very light 66 grams. The size of the mouse is best suited to medium to large hands. Since the shape is very similar to a Zowie EC-1 mouse, those familiar with that shape will instantly feel at home here. The catch is that the lightweight is really kind of a trip since you’re expecting this bulkier sized mouse to feel much heavier. The narrower grip width feels really comfortable but you’ll definitely feel the height of the hump. That being said, I can see this mouse working for claw grip with larger hands but to me it’s really primarily a palm grip mouse.

In-game the Skoll feels really accurate and it was an easy adjustment for me switching to this mouse. While I’ve been using ambi mice for most of the year, the light weight of the Skoll made it feel like less drastic of a switch compared to heavier ergo mice. Also worth noting is that the mouse has RGB at the bottom of the mouse. It’s not the brightest or most eye-catching implementation but it’s certainly noticeable in a dark room.

Build Quality

I was a bit weary of the build quality of the Skoll at first since I had some problems with my Hati. That being said I’m happy to report that this is a really solidly built mouse. The honeycomb design did not lend to any creaking or rattling whatsoever. The cable is also another highlight as it’s really quite flexible and is one of the best executions on a stock mouse I’ve experienced. The lightweight cable combined with a paracord makes this a really effortless mouse to use.

The main buttons of the Skoll use Omron switches and they are really quite fun to use. They’re not super light like the GPW but occupy a good middle ground that makes them comfortable for most FPS games. There’s minimal pre and post travel and my copy had minimal button wobble as well, an issue that plagued my Hati. The scroll wheel is really nice as well with really clearly defined steps. The side buttons are also quite tactile and responsive and offering a satisfying click with each press.

There are four small feet on the bottom of the mouse and while they don’t look like much they do get the job done. While not as good as the pure PTFE-style aftermarket feet like hyperglides and Tiger Arcs, these feel plenty fast. They glide really well on my cloth pad and despite a bit of scratchiness I’d say they are slightly better than average. There’s optional additional feet which I tried out, which make the glides more similar to what Zowie offers.



With the current standard Pixart standard 3360 sensor, this mouse won’t feel too different from other top mice on the market. It offers great tracking aim and I was able to hit some really impressive flicks on occasion due to the light weight of the mouse. The mouse offers the standard 100DPI steps up to 12,000 and also a report rate up 1000hz. The clicks felt solid and reliable and all in all, I performed well with the mouse. While the shape was slightly large for my liking I have to say I never got tired using it. I didn’t experience much fatigue at all with this mouse and it should serve well for long gaming sessions. Certainly it’s been one of the most comfortable ergo mice I’ve used to date.


The Skoll might just be the best mouse that G-Wolves has made to date. While there’s more innovation in Ergo shapes this year, this takes a tried and true shape and makes it incredibly lightweight.¬† My confidence in G-Wolves was shaken a bit by the Hati, but the Skoll has redeemed my faith a bit. The feeling of using palm grip on an ergo shape with a mouse this light is really unique and recommended for those in the market for this exact trait. To sum it up, this is a great mouse but one caveat is that the retail price has been creeping up for those outside Asia. I recommend picking it up at Amazon for $74.99 or through their distributor X-Ray Pad.


  • Fun unboxing experience and extras
  • Super lightweight + ergo shape makes it comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Great clicks and scrollwheel
  • Performs great for tracking and flick aim
  • Easy to adjust lighting , DPI settings without software


  • RGB is a bit dull
  • Value could be a bit better

Rating 8.5/10



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