Tenz x Finalmouse Release and Giveaway

Likely the most popular Valorant player in the world, (i heckin love him) TenZ is teaming up with Finalmouse for his own signature model.

While details are pretty much unavailable at the moment, it seems momentum is building towards a July 17, 2022 release date.

Today TenZ tweeted a giveaway where 10 of the Starlight-Pro TenZ edition will be given away. We saw previously that TenZ was testing out a new Finalmouse shape and it’s my thought that the new Finalmouse model will have a higher hump and be geared towards claw grip users. The shape has been underserved to fans of Finalmouse so it looks like this revision will be popular even to those who aren’t TenZ fanboys.

Another hint is the claw shaped hand on the front of the mouse. More details to follow in the coming days.

Where to buy Finalmouse x Tenz Starlight on the Aftermarket