Glorious Lynx Switches

As custom keyboards have become more popular gamers have sought out more specific switches to get the exact keyfeel they want on their keyboard. Glorious has expanded into giving more switch options starting with the Glorious Pandas and now onto the upcoming Lynx switches. The Lynx switch is a teal smooth and linear switch. One great thing about these switches is that there’s an option for them to come pre-lubed for $10 more. Full spec list below, they will be available soon on Glorious.

Style: Linear
Bottom-Out Force: 60g± Variance
PCB Mount: 5-pin

Top Shell – Unique teal blue polycarbonate top housing.

Stem – Soft and flexible POM stem provides an unbelievably smooth operation.

Spring – Proprietary spring with nickel plating sourced from Korea.

Leaf – Premium-grade copper sourced from Japan.

Bottom Shell – High-quality nylon bottom housing sourced from Belgium.

Note: The RGB effect may be dimmer compared to switches with transparent housings.

Like the Glorious Pandas, they will be available in both factory lubed and unlubed versions.

Lynx utilizes a 5-pin PCB mounting system, compatible out of the box with the GMMK PRO. (They also work great with the original GMMK, you’ll just have to clip the extra two legs!)

Lynx will retail for the same price as Glorious Pandas – Unlubed at $24.99 per box and lubed at $34.99 per box. Each box contains 36 switches.