Vaxee Zygen NP-01S (small) Review

Vaxee has maintained a steady pace when it comes to releasing new shapes but their latest mouse is a scaled down version of the Zygen NP-01S. It fills an important role in their lineup as it’s the lightest and smallest mouse they’ve done to it.

Measurements (LxWxH)




Unboxing and Extras

Nothing to really speak of here but the minimalistic Vaxee mouse remains the same as past releases.

Design and Build Quality

Right out of the box you do get a feeling of sturdiness and quality with the mouse. I chose the matte coating and the shape felt instantly familiar and comfortable especially since I’ve reviewed the NP-01 before. There was no rattles, creaking or flexing anywhere on this mouse and it felt really solid. It felt light enough though I would have guessed it was over 71g due to the heavier-feeling cable that comes with it.

The matte coating feels quite grippy and nice to the touch. I was a bit worried about fingerprints but they don’t show too badly after over a week of use. The only thing I will say is that the mouse does attract some grime and dirt. One thing I didn’t like was the pebbled texture over the main buttons, I would have preferred the same smooth coating throughout the mouse.

Buttons & Scroll Wheel

The main buttons use the same Huano switches that Vaxee has used on all their mice. They feel relatively light requiring 60g of force to actuate but they’re kind of middle of the road in terms of just how sensitive they are. The offer a nice tight tactile response and have a dull airy sound. The separated switch design on this mouse is a nice touch as it gives you a very clear tactile feeling whenever you do commit to a click. There is minimal post travel on mouse 1 and 2 though there is a bit of post-travel that is noticeable. Luckily though the sideplay and button wobble is minimal.

The side buttons are smaller than the ones on the original NP-01 but I am very happy with the way they feel. They are nice and crispy with a great feeling tactility and a nice crisp sound. The side buttons have minimal pre and post travel and feel great in game with a placement that is easy to reach with any grip style.

The scroll wheel will be the most divisive aspect of the mouse. It’s very tactile and feels quite stiff although it broke in a bit with use. The middle click has a shallow actuation and feels quite stiff so you won’t press it by accident. The main downside of the wheel is just how loud it is, it gives me that nails across a blackboard feeling and it’s loud enough that it might annoy others in your vicinity. That being said using the wheel in game actually does feel quite good and makes it very suitable for bunny hopping.

Shape, Performance and Software

The shape of the NP-01S is the star of the show and I absolutely loved it right off the bat. The original NP-01 was unwieldly and felt like it couldn’t decide if it wanted to be ambi or ergo. This mouse feels a lot more subtle with the curves and the narrower middle portion makes it more agile for quick adjustments. I would not recommend this mouse for palm grip due to the lower height but it works great for claw or fingertip. I went towards a hybrid grip with this mouse and it worked very well with it. Only thing I didn’t like about the shape was the lack of finger grooves over the main clicks.

In-game this mouse was a solid performer. I felt very in control of one taps and sprays but the cable and weight did hold me back from my peak aim. I do wish this mouse was a bit lighter and came with a better cable as I think it would have elevated it into contention for one of the best performing mice. The mouse doesn’t come with any software but the way it’s designed everything you need can be adjusted right on the bottom of the mouse: DPI, Polling Rate and the debounce time.

Sensor, Cable and Skates

The cord is just ok, but due to its width and weight it makes the entire mouse feel heavier than its rated 71 grams.  It’s similar to the one on the DA v2 mini and only better than say the 1st gen Glorious shoelace cable. The cable is definitely one of the less impressive aspects of this mouse and takes this mouse down a level from it’s potential as it’s a prime candidate to be replaced with an aftermarket paracord. The one good thing about the cable is that it’s angled upwards so it does pair nicely with a bungee. That being said I did feel the cable limiting my movement on enough in-game shots that it actually did negatively impact my performance.

As with the other Vaxee mice, this one uses the top of the line the 3389 sensor. Performance was flawless for me without any spinouts, LOD issues or tracking errors. You’ll be very happy with how this sensor feels in-game.

The stock skates that come on the NP-01 are fine. They offer a medium speed glide that feels consistent but I would want to swap these out for better aftermarket skates when I get the chance. They are just average skates and there’s mice that come with better stock feet nowadays..


Excellent Build Quality

Solid well tuned clicks

Coating and shape are excellent for small and medium hands


Coating on main buttons and lack of finger grooves

Cable is not up to par against modern competition

Very loud scroll wheel



Bottom Line

This mouse fits very well in the Vaxee line as the smallest and lighest form factor they offer. The only caveat is you’ll need to mod the mouse for it to reach it’s full potential.

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Where to buy the Vaxee Zygen NP-01S