Zowie E3C-C and New C Generation Mice

Zowie has finally gone and did something. After months of speculation Zowie has launched the Generation C line. These mice differ from the original models in a few key ways.

-Lighter Weight
-Paracord Style Cable
-24 step Scroll Wheel
-Extra white PTFE feet in box

All these are promising changes from Zowie but they’ve stopped short of offering a wireless solution for now. That being said there’s also a new shape to announce which is the Zowie E3C-C. It’s a new small version of the classic EC shape with a shorter length. This video goes into more detail about the new changes and the new model. All this is exciting stuff as it might indicate Zowie is finally moving towards the future. At just 70g the weight is really promising if the build quality and feeling of Zowie makes it intact.

Here are the measurements of the EC3-C

120x61x41mm Weight:70g (w/o cable)

Look for retailers such as Addice Inc to start carrying the new line. The pre-order for the EC-3 is now up for pre-order on the Zowie site for $69.99 USD.