Video Preview of Shroud’s Logitech G303 Wireless

So I previewed the Logitech G303 Wireless previously but now take a look at how the mouse looks in motion. A youtuber has uploaded a video showing off the sample of the mouse and there are some important things to note from what we see here.

Yes the mouse does have USB-C. It weights 72g measured on a scale. The mouse has the larger style feet seen on the GPX Superlight. The video has Korean text but fortunately the narration is in English. There seems to be no direct Shroud branding on the mouse itself so that’s an interesting thing to learn as well considering Shroud’s GPW was screen-printed with his logo. The shape and scroll wheel seems unchanged but unluckily it seems that sick RGB design from the original was ditched this time around.

Where to buy the Logitech x Shroud G303 Wireless

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Canada Stores

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Amazon CA

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