Wireless Logitech G303 Wireless Shroud Edition

So photos emerged as a u/tastlejames on Reddit posted photos of a Logitech mouse sample he found at a local surplus store in Utah. It’s no surprise that the Logitech G303 might come back in wireless form as it’s been a mouse gamers have been crying out for since the original G303 got discontinued. It seems that the mouse is weighing in just under 80grams so it won’t quite reach Superlight territory but they’ve made some changes and improvements to the design. The sensor is stated to be the 16k Lightweight HERO sensor.

Unfortunately it seems the unique RGB design from the original is gone but fans of the shape will appreciate the lighter weight and updated feet. It’s got a similar huge feet design to the GPX. Shroud has also been petioning for the mouse to return so this collaboration between them makes sense considering he’s already put out a custom GPW before. It seems he still prefers the G303 shape so the return of this shape could be something claw grip gamers worldwide can rejoice over. I tend to believe this leak is real and we’ll see some confirmation sooner or later but considering how long it took the Superlight to release after photos were leaked I wouldn’t assume that we’ll get something concrete in the near term.

More photos below and I’ll update info as it comes.

While Logitech’s lawyers won’t let the owner of the sample post any more videos, you can find footage of the mouse above. You can see that it has the larger style feet that are similar to the GPX Superlight and it features a USB-C charging port for once.

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