Gamesense Meta Mouse and Radar Mousepad Open for Pre-Order

Gamesense has now opened up pre-orders of their two initial products.

The Gamesense Meta is a lightweight ambi mouse with a shape that’s similar to the Zowie S2. I’ll be reviewing this one in the coming weeks as it checks a lot of boxes in terms of feature set while weighing just 65g without holes. It’s shaping up to offer solid value at $49.99 retail. The Gamesense Radar is the brand’s first mousepad and it’s tailored for control. It’s got a great standard XL size (450x450x3mm) as well as a desk mat format. Right now there’s also a discount on the Radar making it a very attractive purchase marked down to $24.99 from its usual $35USD retail price.

Early reviews of it have been promising and its ready to ship as well. Keep an eye out for my review of the Meta dropping soon and you can go over to the Gamesense site to check out the products for yourself.