Finalmouse Aim Gods 2v2 Game – Leaked Details and Info

We’ve seen a slow drip of information being released about Aim Gods, the first game from Finalmouse. It’s been a meme for a long time but it seems that the release is approaching and it’ll be a 2v2 shooter. A string of tweets from the official finalmouse account. It’s been leaked that Finalmouse was working with Fortnite pro and popular streamer Tfue to help promote the release but now it’s come out that there will be an invitational event that features two top casters. The gameplay will revolve around 2v2 tactical FPS elements and will likely feature a mix of pure aim battles and abilities. This seems like a shift from the original rumored direction that pointed at the Finalmouse game being an aim trainer. I’m sure more information will be forthcoming.

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