First Impressions of the G-Wolves HSK, a tiny 39g fingertip grip mouse

So I’ve been using the G-Wolves HSK for a few days and wanted to share my thoughts. Was interested in this shape when I first saw but gaming with it helped me form a more complete opinion of it.

I was sent this mouse for review by Vessel Gaming¬†and it’s a sample not a retail version of the mouse.


37g, 38 grams with cable



First Impressions

So it comes in the standard G-Wolves box with lacked extras as it was a sample. It’s not confirmed what the retail copy may have in the box but mine did feature the standard collectable tin box.

Besides the obvious small dimensions of the mouse, my first impressions were quite positive. It feels really solid in hand, and despite being really light it didn’t creak, flex or have any sort of scrollwheel or sensor rattle. The coating feels like really smooth plastic and it doesn’t have any grain to it. That being said it wasn’t slippery like the GPW coating and felt a bit more premium than the coating on my Hati-S.


The clicks were probably what I was most impressed by on this mouse. There is barely any pre-travel and the post travel is greatly reduced from past G Wolves Mice. If you click and hold M1/M2 with more pressure you can get a bit of side play but its less than on my Hati-S which I was surprised by. Lack of side buttons is definetly noticeable omission but I understand why they removed them to make more space for your fingertip grip and also because due to the small size , you could actually throw off your aim by clicking in a side button. That being said I don’t really rely on them too much in-game but I did find I missed them due to habit.

20M omron switches feel both light and crispy, and I could really spam click well with those, something I’ve been missing on some recent mice (Viper Mini comes to mind). The clicks do take a bit of getting used to due to their steep angle, due to the back hump and small size you’re clicking down into more of an angle than most mice and there are very subtle finger grooves. Not a minus but something you might have to get used to.


3389 was perfect, no issues. Default LOD felt fine with no issues.


The HSK uses 4 small feet, which have a similar look to the Glorious mouse feet. The were smooth for me out the box and a decent thickness. They are better than average but if you’re nitpicky you might want to wait for aftermarket replacements. I thought they were quick and responsive and I was satisfied with them.

The cord is also above average, it feels a tiny bit lighter than the one on the Hati-S.


Similar to the Glorious Model O scroll, but the tensioning feels a bit stiffer. It’s also a bit more stiff of a scroll than the Hati-S IMO.


As a claw gripper, I thought I’d have to adjust more fingertipping the HSK but I found it pretty easy to adjust. This is the kind of mouse you’ll need to put a bit of time into mastering but that being said, I did hit some pretty nutty flicks with it. It’s especially good for one-tapping and quick transfers to targets. The one downside is that I wasn’t as reliable spraying with it and trying to control my sprays with such a light small mouse. For CS:GO/Valorant I probably hit some shots I normally woulda missed but also missed some easy shots I normally would have hit. It took a few hours in-game to improved on my spray control and get used to how fast this mouse feet due to just how lightweight it is.

Overall thoughts

The HSK build quality and QC feels like a step up from past G-Wolves offerings. Not much to nitpick but the shape will be a love it or hate it affair for gamers. Really fun mouse to use and I’m looking forward to giving it more time to offer up a full review. Final release date and more info will be updated as it comes.

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