Vaxee ZYGEN NP-01 Gaming Mouse Preview

Vaxee was formed by former Zowie employees who wanted to branch out with fresh takes around computer peripherals. The company just released this video preview of the Zygen NP-01 Gaming Mouse. It appears that the Zygen brand is a new gaming brand under the wider Vaxee umbrella. The video covers the design process behind the Zygen NP-01 mouse from the unique ambi shape to the PixArt 3389 sensor. The mouse has a unique coating that feels somewhere between glossy and traditional matte and the mouse feet look to the large Zowie style feet in full PTFE this time. There’s so many little thoughtful refinements on this mouse that its already looking to be one of the more promising upcoming products this year. With a weight of 75grams and dimensions of 120mm x 39mm x 59mm it’s definetly a midweight and midsize entrant into the gaming mouse market.

From the website itself, the Zygen brand is explained. ZYGEN was founded by Japanese Counter-Strike legend Junya “noppo” Taniguchi, with the goal of creating products that allow gamers to reach their full potential. More information in the video shared below.